About ‘Leaders Development’ Program

Transition to a more adaptive, creative, viable and sustainable organisation through Heart-Based Emotional Intelligence (HBEI) development of your employees, leaders and whole of organisation. The focus on Heart-Based is because it is authentic, naturally caring and produces positive emotions which is supported by research as being beneficial to the self and others.

Our ‘Lead the Way’ program makes HBEI tangible by:

i) awakening and developing each person to:

  • discover  all of who they are including their skills/abilities/ strengths,
  • work on improving aspects of themselves including their wellness/wellbeing and their relationships with others,
  • bring the genuine caring in a practical way for the self, others, the organisation and stakeholders,

ii) further developing leaders to:

  • harness all of  the emerging skills/abilities/caring of their empowered team,
  • improve, adapt and sustain the organisation and deliver value to stakeholders.