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Join this heart-based program and community at your own pace, let it guide you in your life

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“This program has been a big journey of self-discovery”

“I feel I have a truer understanding of who I am and the path that I need to follow not for others, but for myself.”

Verified Purchaser November 2021

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Program Features and Information

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Works on all Devices and Browsers

This guided online program works on all devices and browsers. It will remember where you got to, so you can always work where and whenever is best for you.

Backed by Research

Why is this important?

We know that research plays a valuable role in the learning and understanding. We also know that you are part of the research and your lived experience matters. 

We know that our lived experience matters and that is why we share our (and others) journey of discovery and ongoing practice with you. 

See, feel, choose more freely

This program gently guides you to a more fluid way of life, to more openly adapt and change towards what you feel and know in your heart. 

The counter-intuitive approach is transformational, where more of the true and caring you, presents in more moments and situations.

We know things change at any time, and being resourced in this way, means you may be more aware and feel more confident to do what is best for you and your wellbeing when that happens. 

This program is a deep inner journey of self-discovery towards more happiness which recognises you, your unique self, in your choices, expression and practice.

– For all ages, stages and challenges in life –

Heart-Based Therapy

Connecting more with your heart will create positive ripples for you in your work, home and personal situations, leading to real personal growth.

This program guides you to strengthen this connection, your senses and responses towards you learning more about your passions, wants and being more authentic and natural. Over time this becomes more natural and is done with more ease.

Our lived experiences brings the opportunity to  discover, learn and grow. The nature of our learning in today’s environment, however, often leads us further from what is beneficial for our whole self and overall growth. 

This heart based approach brings us closer, meaning each day we feel, grow and improve ourselves and our connection with others around us and the term ‘heart based therapy’ reflects this way of life practice.

Multimedia Approach

Why is this important?

We know that any ‘aha’ moment of realisation and discovery is personal and often unpredictable. 

The program’s multi dimensional learning platform brings audio, video, rich text and visuals to enhance your personal experience and journey of discovery. 

Lifetime access and support

The program is at your pace and in your way, with lifetime access. 

We know that learning and improving is an ongoing process and in some instances or during various challenges or stages in your life, you may feel heart based support from others, is helpful.

You will have access to monthly zoom sessions if you choose to share, engage and grow with others in the community.

Who are we? Why Us?

Real Time Heart-Based (RTHB) is about Growing Human Spirit and Caring Communities around the world. It is about connecting more with your heart which brings true caring for the self, others and the environment and leads to happiness and inner contentment.

RTHB provides Programs, Projects, Events and Connections for people to engage in their way, their pace and time using their unique skills and gifts.

The heart-based way enables positive emotions and the empowerment to be all of who we are in our moments, situations and life.

The founders, Tricia LaBella and Nigel Stedman have been on their own journey of self-discovery and awakening. They bring a wealth of professional and personal lived experiences to this universal approach. They have also had many years experience in providing programs, courses, motivation and leadership. All of this has culminated in Tricia and Nigel discovering that the true path to wellness, wellbeing, happiness and contentment, actually lies deep within each of us. 

Our podcasts

Over the years, we have been predominantly governed by economics and politics. Sadly, we are now seeing the demise of what lies at the heart of what really matters; people, cultures and environments. 

So how can we move to a world governed by the heart, and what impact would that have on our economics and politics?

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Testimonial Video

These short videos give an insight into the program and to Real Time HeartBased (RTHB):

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“From when I began the programme till now I feel much better in myself.”

“It is a lifelong journey to discover myself. With my heartfelt gratitude to you both, I have made a small step and will continue to do my best and refer to the programme. Found others inspiring and encouraging to listen to. Very uplifting for me.”

Verified Purchaser November 2021

Find your Heart

Connect with your feelings, senses and intuition


Find your Way

Discover your freedom, purpose, path and passions


Find your Self

Be your true, caring self in more moments and situations


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A warm thank you from us both, Tricia and Nigel (Founders)