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    Tricia La Bella

    It was lovely having the beautiful music to Memories in the background as we spoke about memories. Lots of interesting themes arrived from this session.
    Bad memories
    Floods and fires

    What memories stand out?
    Strong memories
    I remember People came to help

    Memories are strong

    …I don’t remember!

    I can go back to when I’m 3
    Do you remember?

    How do we remember?

    Why do we remember?

    A photograph helps me remember

    when I see something it triggers a memory

    I remember food

    I have an emotional memory

    I remember when there are emotions

    How do I know where I put things?

    It needs to have impact for me to remember

    Memories of fashion – it’s hilarious

    Memories are subjective

    We all recall things differently

    We might all remember it differently

    One see it sad one sees it happy in the same moment

    So what is real

    I don’t remember when I was shut down

    I don’t remember things when it was a difficult time

    It’s good to get to deep memories to heal

    Memories can be emotional healing to heal and move

    i just went back. Into a memory right now

    Memories… the song

    songs trigger memories

    Although I do remember the words – I feel good when I remember

    Music brings me back

    Let’s twist again has a memory – I had a broken arm and nearly knocked some out while dancing – a funny memory

    Don’t try to remember too hard,relax and your subconscious can remember

    Senses are involved with memories

    Small and taste helps me remember

    Conscious memory and subconscious memory

    I love the smell of pancakes – it reminds me of my mother

    Old movies connect e to my mum

    We avoid bad memories – we keep them in our subconscious

    We block bad memories because they make us sad

    Do we?

    Sometimes the bad memories go over And over

    So shutting down is best

    acceptance can lead to balance the memories

    There are good memories too

    Writing the bad memories

    Use them as a gratitude and to learn from them

    Different stages of the memory

    Bad memory – moving from the feeling to the learning – then comes the gratitude

    Every bad memory can bring something wonderful too

    We can celebrate our memories when we transform them

    Things that happen to us we can help others

    We have experience that can help us to understand

    learning from the memories can help lead to forgiveness

    What you have been through can help you connect with others

    How do we remember our 3 year old memories

    I pick and choose my memories

    The ones i like i make them stories – fiction

    Mimi swatch – if you don’t want to remember, choose which you wish to share

    Some reshape the memory and sometimes we share it as we want it to be

    Is that delusion?


    even through a photo that we all see, we see it differently

    We all have a different memory attached

    So best thing is to have a best moment

    An old reunion – did this really happen when we were at school?

    How does imagination fit in with memories?

    Did I imagine it?

    Dreaming can confuse reality

    Do dreams create memories

    Or are your dreams memories in disguise

    Some dreams stay some go quickly

    Often I can’t remember dreams

    Da ja vu – I have a memory before it happens

    where have you seen from

    Is it a memory in the brain

    Is a memory when it hasn’t happened yet

    It feels like a memory yet it hasn’t happened

    Past life memories

    You feel or know you have met someone when you actually happened

    Is that a memory or is that a past life

    A memory of your past life or someone else’s life

    In organ transplant you take on the memories of others

    How does that happen

    Organs feel the senses and are stored

    Memories are stored in the cells

    Muscles have memories

    My muscles know when I haven’t walked for a while

    My pain has a memory

    A pain memory

    It takes you back

    Like child birthing

    Rebirthing can take you back to the pain

    Hypnosis takes you back to memories

    You have to be willing to go to the memories

    before we die, we see our life pass us by

    The memories of the life flashes before us when we die

    Memory is in between fact and imagination

    Tricia La Bella

    This was another great topic. I love how we shape the final line to bring it all together. Lovely…

    Sense of belonging

    Where people know who you are

    Do they know you

    It is a sense a feeling of belonging
    Sometimes we don’t feel like we belong


    It is a connection

    But even with connection I don’t always feel like I belong


    What happens if you don’t fit

    Whose responsibility is it?

    I know when I feel like I belong

    i was existing but not belonging

    Belonging has helped me express

    I feel so much better now I can express

    Belonging isbeinnng able to be me

    To just listen

    And be part of it

    And bounce off

    Finding your tribe

    Being there even if they don’t understand just being there

    What’s the key to belonging

    Building relationships

    It takes time

    When we belong we can achieve things

    Belonging takes time

    We need to belong as humans

    If not we feel helpless and useless

    Belonging is more than belonging in a group

    It is true interest and caring

    It is about expanding your world

    To belong

    It comes with vulnerability

    It is effort and you’re doing it

    It’s exposure

    The only way is doing it

    Overcoming vulnerability to build a sense of belonging

    To overcome vulnerability



    A supportive environment

    Sometimes persistence

    Can you disagree and still belong

    Perhaps a different philosophy

    Perhaps a different mission

    Perhaps it doesn’t feel right

    It may tell you that you don’t belong

    It may not be right

    What you feel matters

    Being yourself matters

    Being open and real matters

    Being real matters

    Not pretending – not a facade – being you

    Body language tone tells you – gives you clues

    Ask yourself – do I want to belong ?

    What about belongings??

    Things that belong to you

    Importantly belong to yourself

    Tricia La Bella

    Monday 24th August 2020 Time – and it was certainly a wonderful time sharing this topic with the group.
    We can use time in many ways
    Just what is time?
    Everything that ever has been or will be, can only happen now
    Time we can not recapture
    So if there is something to do, do it now because you can’t recapture
    Everything we do we are going into the future opening the gate into the future
    Closing the gate to the past

    Is now now, or is it the past’s future or the future of the past?

    Can we go back in time, or forward in time,
    Is it an illusion?
    Natural time is based on the cycle of days and seasons
    What do we do when we wait – is that a waste of time?
    Time is a constant for all of us
    What we do in the moment is our opportunity
    I can be miserable in moments or I can enjoy those moments
    Looking back somehow makes it feel better
    It helps us time to grieve

    If you have nice moments, when its the end of someone’s time, it can feel so much better

    How much nicer to say it is the end of our time…

    We can choose what we do with our time
    We do have a choice
    Have lovely things to do so if you are waiting you have some other way to make the most of your time
    Take the time for who is special in your life
    Find the time
    Valuable time, so their is no regret.
    I don’t like to say I don’t have time.
    I can choose to make time,
    When it is the natural time to do so.
    If you could have 1 word to associate with time what would it be

    Precious, breath, moment and now.

    What is a phrase for time
    Time is unfrozen fun
    Be your best in all times
    Do it now because you can
    Live in the now

    How conscious are we of time?
    When we choose we can have more moments

    Appreciation of our time
    Breath is a symbol of time on earth
    Respect time, our own and others

    Expression about time

    Real time…
    Where has the time gone
    Haven’t got time
    Make the most of my time

    I’m fascinated by time
    Sometimes an hour feels like a day,
    And sometimes it feels like a minute

    Where does time go?
    Time as stored memory

    When you are passionate about something
    Time flys

    I seem to lose time when I’m doing what I love

    During Covid19, time in lockdown feels like an eternity!

    Or abandoned in a city away from home, away from friends and family. Away from mum.

    That time can feel so long.

    It may be a test on how to use the time differently.

    What does it mean when we say – give me a second, just a minute – and it’s not!

    We push time or force things to happen in time

    Can we just feel time?
    When we feel time, we are actually feeling moments

    When we feel time, we are actually feeling moments and being in our life

    Time a tunnel of eternal possibilities
    So let’s choose to make the most of our time

    Tricia La Bella

    Thanks everyone for your contribution to the topic of FREEDOM

    I’m free because I could have been locked up!

    For having a voice…

    Please don’t park in front of my house.

    I got cross… freedom to express…

    So what does freedom feel like..

    You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

    Freedom to do lots of things

    Freedom of speech

    Free to choose

    Freedom to love

    Freedom to express

    Free to travel over the rainbow

    Freedom at the end of the rainbow

    What is the feeling of freedom

    Not being hemmed in

    Without restriction

    When I get my knee done, I will have the freedom to move

    To do as we want

    Is freedom a privilege

    Is it a right

    We all have freedom but we don’t realize we have it

    We are restrained without realizing

    For me freedom is time for myself with myself

    Just as I want it

    As I’m free my day is longer

    It is not duty or busy

    It is passion so I can really be in it… freedom

    Can you have freedom in the usual routine

    Can you choose to do it differently

    Freedom is when time is your own

    Why do you think you have to do things that take away from your freedom

    Letting the bird out of the cage… freedom
    Free as a bird…
    What is your cage?

    Can we choose a little bit of freedom…

    In some ways we are free, and some ways not

    Independence… freedom

    Ultimate freedom – for me to be able to get up and walk and do what I want and where I want to go…

    Freedom to choose, within our cage…

    What is your cage?

    My house, my body, busyness, my own limitations, my fear, my habits, my overwhelm, my mind… fear of standing up and not letting go

    Might need to open the cage a bit and face it, just a little step…

    Breaking the cycle …

    There is freedom within that..

    What can I do… look for freedom somehow

    I can’t go in the garden but I can smell the roses…

    What do you want to be more free to do?

    Free from house hold chores…

    So I can have more time for me…

    Sometimes it is not that easy…

    Freedom is simply to choose

    I have freedom

    Create your freedom in what you are in

    What drives it…

    Deep want – the will –

    What is the limitation – money, voice?

    How do you create with the limitation…

    Or do we walk away from the limitation…

    Can we choose.

    Can we?

    Financial freedom – if only I had more money..

    Freedom for me is feeling. It lies within me…

    If freedom is the feeling…. does it need money?

    What does feeling free feel like?

    It is the breeze on your skin…
    listening to the birds,
    The simple things in life…
    free to see, smell, hear, feel.

    Free spirited…

    It is our bodies, minds, spirits, hearts,

    That’s where our freedom lies,

    It’s our vehicle…

    Poor Horacio, Truffles, Oliver, Augusta,

    Are they free?

    Dear pigs in the Rundle Mall, no longer free to roam…

    Tricia La Bella

    7th September 2020

    To be born and die…
    To be part of the balance of the planet…
    To evolve and thrive…
    To go beyond survive…

    Purpose, is it more or less
    than who we are
    Than what we do
    Than what we bring

    The council has a purpose
    Dog registration
    They are not listening to what matters
    Purpose or compassion

    We all have a purpose
    It’s important to repurpose
    The purpose of life is a life of purpose

    People bring gifts to others
    Our pets can bring love and unite others

    purpose is to give love and to receive love
    Especially in these times..

    When we miss someone, we realize our purpose is love

    People want to have purpose
    Covid has shown how people want to help

    With knit a care square, people want to help others keep warm

    When we lose our purpose, then what…
    Purpose can change…
    Life situations can change our purpose…

    Some times our purpose is to help others

    Sometimes our purpose is to keep things light
    Like Nigel talking to the ducks…
    Was it Donald and Daisy

    Purpose now to look forward to a better life

    Purpose is to not look back…
    find your purpose as you move forward

    What we believe strongly brings purpose

    Passion for something brings purpose

    To use all of who we are, to bring to that to others – is our purpose

    So what does purpose mean?

    Sometimes we receive from what others bring – their purpose is for us, as our purpose is for them

    Live your life on purpose – intentionally

    Cause of death is being born…
    we sometimes look too hard for our purpose
    Rather than feel it and flow with life

    Life purpose changes
    Now it is for a heart shaped world…
    To bring love…

    I don’t like it when someone says… What is the purpose of your call?

    It sounds quite calculated…

    Takes away from softness… quite controlling and direct

    Sometimes you have to ask what is the purpose when there are so many spam calls.

    There the harshness may be needed.

    Stating your purpose intention reason resolve determination objective rationale…

    Tone can make a difference
    Sometimes we over use the word
    And the real meaning is lost

    Overusing the word purpose or other words, when used for everything – it doesn’t seem authentic

    What words indicate purpose

    When people give you the why… they are sharing their purpose

    It’s internal its a feeling
    You don’t need to explain to someone what your purpose is

    You shine it naturally

    others see it naturally

    Others can see your purpose without you realizing that

    Others can say that’s what you do, that’s what you bring, that’s how you shine…

    Back to the point.. just what you bring

    Others know what you bring… they can predict that behaviour because of how they see you, what they believe about you…

    Is that an assumption? It may or may not be what you see as your purpose….

    Your purpose your inner knowing

    Live your life on purpose…

    Tricia La Bella

    Charity 14th September 2020
    Charity begins at home
    What does that mean?
    Instead of giving to others
    It’s about giving to yourself

    Or it’s about learning it at home
    Being kind at home first
    Being generous

    Charity is about assisting those in need
    Taking care of people close to you

    And taking care of you so you can care for others

    Is charity about donations?
    How are you charitable?
    Helping others out,
    With your time,
    With your words
    With services
    Being a volunteer

    Charitable to be kind to others
    Giving people your time
    Everybody – especially with those who are often not listened to

    Charity is unconditional…

    I gave time to my 90 year old Neighbourhood,

    That is a true charitable action

    For Nothing in return

    From the heart,
    Where people appreciate

    When it is from the heart it feels like true charity

    Giving to your Neighbour

    Let’s look after our Neighbours

    It’s not just giving to a charity

    It’s not just about the money

    It’s kindness without any expectation in return

    Often people don’t want charity

    They prefer kindness

    Is there a negative associated with charity, charities

    Don’t use charities for an intention not from the heart –

    Nigel is being charitable by showing us around Adelaide

    It’s sad if a charity doesn’t give from the heart

    Did you know that sometimes only 5% is given to the cause

    Some charities get funding to do the work of government


    Perhaps charities should feed the gap not be the service

    Not tackle the big issues…

    Charities for kindness rather than serving the role that is much needed by the community

    Voluntarily giving help to those in need

    How do you feel when you help?

    I feel good to help and it gives me purpose

    It’s mutual – no hierarchy – reciprocity

    I’d rather say it’s two way

    Let’s reciprocate

    This word has had a lot of attention tonight…

    The feel good in the give and receive…

    It’s easy to hand over money – yet the help is what is needed

    The love of helping

    The reward of feedback that someone is grateful and appreciative..

    Kay’s ladies can now move better from the exercise – now that has made her smile – the give and receive

    When you receive gratitude it keeps you giving

    We will need more charitable acts after Covid as people will be in a struggle and maybe even traumatized

    When you are kind, others see kindness, feel kindness and may even ripple kindness to others.

    What you say and what you do, needs to be aligned

    If there is a gap between the walk and talk, it doesn’t feel charitable – it doesn’t feel authentic


    If there’s no connection it doesn’t feel like charity

    Would you rather give or receive?

    Tricia La Bella

    Authority 21st September 2020

    Lesly gave me authority to get into her tablet on Saturday… A good way to start.
    Authority definition:
    The power to give orders, make decisions and enforce obedience…
    that sounds harsh and archaic.

    Traditional authority
    Charismatic authority – some say like Hitler, Jesus Napoleon (it may mean they get what they want because of their charisma – Oh dear… intention for good that might ok but if not, there’s disaster… )
    Rational authority
    Competence authority

    There’s a bit there to explore…

    Command, control, power or how you can sway things…

    Sway what…

    Government have authority to lock people down during covid… a negative right.
    It’s part of the constitutional right.
    We give government this power and it can surface in emergencies…

    Authority feels top down
    What does authority mean?

    It seems when someone is the expert
    Sometimes in management they have responsibility and are held in account over, yet they haven’t been given the authority

    Under someone’s authority can feel harsh especially when you’re being micro managed…

    Is it being in charge?
    Or leading?

    Is authoritarian about my way or the highway…

    We don’t want to have this approach as teachers.

    is power necessary for authority…
    power many be need to enforce authority,
    By police, the army

    Sometimes people power over but don’t have the authority

    Someone with a gun…

    It may not be right…

    Having power can cause problems

    when someone else wants the power…

    It can create ill feelings –

    If something is forced upon for the right reasons, is it about power? Or is it about something else?

    if you have authority can you change how it looks and feels… so it is reflects your good intention

    Perhaps you include and engage others to have them feel part of the authority

    Sorry police officer, have I done something wrong?
    Authority can make me feel that way…

    I might have authority but authority for what?

    Depends on your role.

    Author is the first part of the word…
    I wonder where the ‘ity’ came from?

    Trump has the authority to push a button…
    he hasn’t been give the authority by the world…

    This must be power not authority.

    How do you feel when you say the word authority…

    My first reaction when I see someone in uniform… the image of the uniform

    Movies portrayed the uniform officer… as you’ve done something wrong

    it doesn’t feel like caring…


    We allow people to do something on someone’s behalf

    You can be given authority
    You can hand over authority…

    That’s about trust…
    Aunty Lesly trusted me…


    Perhaps it’s the style…

    Approach is relevant.

    Can we be fooled by those who command authority that they have authority…

    We may need to take more note of who we give authority to.

    reputation can be affected

    Wills… when you hand over authority it can bring out the worse in us…

    Sometimes authority can bring the worst in us…
    some abuse authority

    it can be daunting…
    It can be scary at times

    There is beautiful authority…
    a good leader of authority

    What was once authority can be seen as harassment – police could march kids home… not that would be harassment

    No longer thank you to police…
    no longer thank you to those enforcing the rules, our leader

    Time has changed…

    So who has the authority?

    It can change a workplace, a city, a country, a world..

    So don’t just hand it over…

    Tricia La Bella

    Another thank you to the group, sharing your views on
    Vulnerability 5th October 2020

    Running through the back streets getting home when we were younger – we were vulnerable…

    We had rules when we were younger to avoid being vulnerable…

    A lot of people feel vulnerable walking down Hindley Street…

    Why is it?

    I feel vulnerable anywhere, why?

    I don’t feel safe…

    Is feeling vulnerable a good thing or not a good thing?

    When I travel alone I feel vulnerable – safety is first…

    It’s OK to feel vulnerable,

    I felt vulnerable when I showed my grief about my dog. It showed others more about myself, how I truly felt.

    Showing emotions can make us feel vulnerable…

    Especially when we are being perceived as strong.

    I don’t want to show emotions as I’d feel embarrassed…

    I like to put on a brave face…

    That may be how I was brought up…

    When you are a creative it can bring vulnerability.

    We may hide what is really happening…

    People say get over things… so you don’t show what is really happening.

    Vulnerability is actually putting yourself first… and being able to express it…

    How nice to be able to say ‘I am missing my dog… and how I truly feel’

    It’s nice to be able to trust someone to share…

    Whether we like it or not we are vulnerable…

    Showing it is not a weakness – it is a strength.

    We are human, it’s OK to be scared and to say it.

    Resilience is about hiding what you feel,

    Vulnerability is sharing what is important to you

    What kind of things can you be vulnerable about:

    Health, we are all vulnerable with coronavirus

    Sharing can open up ideas and things that help and that can protect you also…

    So look for your tribe who you feel safe with… are compassionate

    nowadays we show our vulnerability to move away from perfection and the unachievable,

    It’s important for children to see that teachers show they are infallible

    For leaders, Daniel Andrews to admit his mistakes, showed he is infallible…

    Let’s let go of the pretence, the facade,

    When you share truthfully and express things, we actually get to know the real you.

    You show the human side and that is heart warming

    We are actually all the same…

    In some way we are all vulnerable

    I can see the vulnerability in others and that helps me with own vulnerability

    Someone is always worse off than me…

    Vulnerability our truth, being prepared to show it,

    Thanks Nigel for the tour of Hindley Street, facing your vulnerabilities

    Sometimes, we are pressured to uphold the expectations and show we perfect

    It’s not even true…. on social media

    Crafted impressions –

    It’s an illusion – a delusion –

    So who are we fooling?

    No one can ever know what is real, when we don’t show what is real…

    So why hide, why not showcase it as it is…

    Perfect is the habit…

    Better to admit the flaw the mistake?

    Spend more time being true, authentic

    Not showcasing everything…

    Like running down Hindley Street naked. What?

    The extreme…

    Will you still like me?

    What is that needing to be liked…

    Our dreams may show us what we may fear… what we don’t want to show –

    is it that we fear that others may not like us?

    It may be an assumption that people won’t like things about us.

    Is it true?

    Letting it out, the real, can be part of freedom….

    Tricia La Bella

    Angry 12th October 2020

    We could have got angry over technology tonight

    I get angry when technology doesn’t work

    Kay is not angry – she just accepted the fact she couldn’t get on for tonight’s session

    When things don’t turn out, I get angry

    Perhaps frustration first then anger

    What makes you angry?


    I don’t argue but I feel anger

    I don’t show it but I feel it inside

    I have been angry with my life

    Now I don’t want to waste my time and life with anger

    The journey to anger is frustration

    With unnecessary rules, injustice,

    Some drivers on the road, doing stupid things,

    Now I see it differently – I don’t feel so angry

    With serious things going on in the world its better to focus on things that need attention

    Not silly things

    I get angry when things are unfair

    I try not to waste energy if I can’t control it

    I now focus on the big picture –

    I often shoot my mouth off in a spurt but then it dissipates…

    Some people don’t get angry

    They don’t notice others
    They may not care…

    I get angry when people have to be right

    With narcissists….

    Anger is when people are bitter…

    Mums cupboards full of blankets!

    Men? I don’t know what makes me angry…

    I don’t show my anger.

    Tantrums some people do tantrums…

    Can you control anger?

    I go silent… I think about how to express it…

    My daughter shouts… I leave it and once it calms down, I begin a conversation

    Is it OK to feel anger

    What is it?

    It’s not the anger – it’s the expression of anger

    Some Shout, hit, or are passive…

    I’ve found to express it – how I feel – gets it out

    If not it doesn’t go away…

    Not the anger, the intensity… more about how it is shown

    The face says it all

    We are not taught how to express anger…
    Kids are told to shut it down

    To suppress it

    We don’t know how to get it out – we are not encouraged to get it out

    There are only 2 things fear and love

    Any emotion comes back to love and fear…

    Honesty is part of it…

    We find it hard to be honest and express

    Often we get shut down… and that stops it

    Anger is Ok

    It’s OK to be angry

    Greta Thunberg could have said she was upset…
    Instead she got up and showed she was angry
    And that lead people to listen…
    anger was channeled into an emotional statement that was received and made a difference…

    Let’s help our kids release the anger

    In an effective way.

    Tone can tell us the state of anger

    Some people are sensitive to tone

    A look

    Can be threatening to someone else

    Do we give people the space to be angry?

    If it is imposed it is difficult…

    If I don’t express my anger I just get sad

    Sadness can lead to depression

    We are meant to express

    Watching someone watching the computer instead of communicating… makes me angry

    Time wasting for me… Is relaxation for others… Perhaps I should change my attitude… it’s a difference in values

    I could just join in…
    Or jump on every screen in the house and then what???

    Great suggestion Gloria…

    Often people say ‘don’t get angry with me’

    To warn them, so that they are prepared…

    Express your anger..

    If you can’t take a tablet, just jump on one…

    Tricia La Bella

    Connection 26th October, 2020

    We have connection! (from the hospital room!)

    No internet… but we can still connect

    Thanks Nigel… visiting with wifi.

    It’s lovely to be able to connect with others

    Being in hospital with no visitors, connecting on online is lovely

    We need to connect

    Connection means joining the dots…

    And I didn’t –

    Personal connections

    Emotional connections

    Good connections in relationships make a difference… friendships.

    Internet connection is not great tonight

    Connections are so important

    So much happens in the connection

    Safety, feeling appreciated, good for the soul,

    It’s good for our health and wellbeing

    We know someone is there for us and that feels good

    Connection can be a realisation

    The connection with yourself

    When you meditate you can connect with yourself more

    It can save you – discover something is not right

    You can connect with your emotions

    I connected with my anger – I got angry with myself- I got it out.

    Reconnections and realisations

    Sometime I feel a connection with others like a de Javi

    Connections and nature

    Facebook is meant to be about connections – and yet it doesn’t feel like connection

    It’s a virtual world – it’s not real…

    People are living in the virtual world taking up lots of the time of day…

    It’s noise – a facade – it’s busy nonsense

    Can we learn to connect on social media better?

    The technology while it connects – has brought disconnection

    It was nice to reconnect with dad after his passing

    The roses were the connection to his death – a beautiful reminder

    Connection With pets…

    Dogs have a sense of connection – they know who to connect with and who you are

    The dogs looked after the girls , she rounded up cows – she was beautiful

    What is that connection?

    It makes you feel good…

    People go to Kays classes because they love the social connection

    Social contagion – the natural spread of emotions – positive ones feel great

    Covid separated us and the lack of connection caused lots of distress

    Especially when there was no touching – cuddling grandchildren – we felt disconnected…

    I like doing jigsaw puzzles because I like it when the pieces connect

    So many connections with connections…

    Tricia La Bella

    23rd November – 3 days into lockdown and then told we can come out of it… a roller coaster of emotions…

    Here it is… the topic ‘Feelings’

    I just want to express feelings just as they are

    I actually felt relief with lockdown because it brought me a break


    It was time for a pause – that’s helped me –

    I was anxious…

    We had done so well with coronavirus and then the fear of what was ahead…

    Panic buying…

    Tension in the air…

    The fear of is too quick to return to ‘normal’?

    We had adjusted – then we had to switch –

    We just did it though – we’re adjusting quicker

    We’ve done it well in Adelaide

    it’s nice to express

    It’s good to express for our health

    If we express it, we get the chance to see it for what it is –

    We can then look at it for what it is…

    Vietnam war memorial – thanks Nigel for your roving reporting

    Remember the feeling about what the troops and what they felt

    And then there’s Afghanistan

    What was happening there? In Afghanistan…

    Many acts that we now know weren’t good – that’s created many challenging feelings –

    The cover up…

    Non expression

    What do people do with feelings that can’t be expressed

    No-one likes a whistle blower

    It takes courage to speak up when there are things that need to be expressed…

    Can you say this is wrong because that’s what you feel and then be treated unjustly?

    If we suppress our emotions it can cause grief…

    It’s not always easy to express – culturally it may be challenging

    On social media about expression for mental health

    And that can help

    Demystifying males and expression and toxic masculinity

    Modelling can be the way…

    Our politicians are not transparent – is it time for honesty…

    Have you seen the Crown on Netflix?

    The queen was told to be a bit more human and from the heart…

    yes even the queen…

    Make it personal

    It’s time to really connect

    That’s what really counts

    That feels great… sincere…

    It’s good to be honest

    Kay’s OCD so dropping in could cause some difficult feelings…

    We yearn for feelings…

    watching Netflix together as a group can be fun

    Please don’t tell us the end of the story – it might hurt our feelings…

    Playing games…. Nice feelings…

    I’ll only let you know what I want you to know

    But not the deep feelings

    I know the deep ones are there but I don’t go there…

    Sharing our experiences in life can be helpful…

    How did you feel Nigel with all those expiation notices…

    Unloading… telling the truth can lighten the load

    Don’t want to offend or hurt anyone… so often don’t say

    We may even put ourselves at risk – and yet we harm ourselves…

    Perhaps it’s better to get it out…..

    If you express something – perhaps start with ‘ I don’t want you to fix it or solve it… I just want to express it…’

    Tricia La Bella

    The Crown… 30th November 2020
    Wow Kay love the tiara…
    Gloves pearls and all…
    that is very elegant.

    Royalty monarchy the crown…

    Her majesty OK Kay…

    I would not like to be born into royalty…

    Pomp and ceremony

    They don’t show emotions –

    The queen mother does, she smiles and shows emotions

    She shows her humanity

    Can the queen be real… or be all she really is when she has such a public image?

    Margaret was second in line and that may have been a good thing.

    Royalty – people who belong to a king and queen

    Nobility…how much power does the queen have…
    Is she ruled by parliament?

    The interest around queens

    Mary Queen of Scotts

    The Crown the symbol of power

    The gems – the emeralds

    Expression – we were treated like royalty

    After watching the crown it would be good if Australia becomes a republic

    Is it an obsolete phenomena?

    There’s so much inequality… wealth in just a few.

    Yet it may have kept things stable in parliant

    Thank you Nigel the Japanese Gardens

    Now that looks noble…

    the crown, the Netflix series, the casino, the crown chakra….

    The direct line to wisdom?

    The tradition of the monarchy

    The celebrity status of the royals

    The paparazzi… they can’t seem to escape it

    Princess Di was concerned with people…
    she may not have met the pomp and ceremony…

    She was more about the people…

    The headlines… all around the royals

    The infatuation…
    the media.

    Princess Mary of Denmark…

    A fantasy…

    A fantasy wedding… Pip watched it at 8 years of age!!! videoed it… VHS

    It’s like Disney

    We believe in the fairy tale…

    Frozen… Elsa becomes queen. That was a big moment for Disney.

    Fiona becomes queen in Shrek…

    Royals now can have love matches… not just who is in line…

    Arranged marriages – where there is no love…

    Boundaries changing… scandals – affairs…

    Any publicity is publicity… Donald Trump Aghhhh

    Netflix – it s a whole new world

    Isn’t that a song…

    It is not Queen Elisabeth Hospital – it’s the Calvary

    No crown there…but we hope Kay gets treated like a queen tomorrow at the Calvary…

    Tricia La Bella

    The future… 7th December – Thanks Peter, Pip, Lesly, Nigel…

    The future – breaking up by Billie (lyrics at end)

    Billie Eillish is looking to the future

    Her future self

    Are we always looking to the future,

    It’s the only direction we have to move

    The future is the only place that we can engage in

    The future is where the hope is…

    Leo Tolstoy Future love does not exist – love is a present activity only.

    The man who does not manifest love Int he present has not love.

    Triggers in the now – take us to the past…

    So what is the future – it is a dream…

    What is the moment – a state

    A flow – like when you write

    An idea turns into something

    Where it’s not yours any more – it’s totally in the moment

    Planning as a future – when the future arrives

    You may miss it…

    Future is planning…

    future is sensing…

    Future is an oppourtunity

    How do we balance planing the future and living the moment?

    Going with the flow –

    It’s circular

    It’s a bit of the past and a bit of the future

    Being aware that I’m not in my moment reminds me to do some mindfulness

    Takes me to now…

    Time in non linear – it’s circular

    We’re always trying to sort time…

    Why is that?

    Language shapes your reality

    And language is linear…

    Indigenous language has no right or left,

    Yet they know what direction they are facing

    Breaking the cycle of linear….

    To communicate and translate

    The language people use in poetry

    Is the power…

    The expression…

    The language

    The metaphor

    The story

    To write and express is for yourself…

    What ever you want to say that’s OK

    pip mentioned Arrival

    How many movies are there that mess with past to change the future…

    Especially science fiction..

    Do we really think we have any control of the future?

    Leslie went off for a minute thinking about the future… and the past

    Busy day, a foot massage…

    Not the feet!!

    Now’s she’s pooped and missed the moment

    Having a dream for the future has kept Lesly going

    In Covid we looked forward to the future to cope with the present…

    Dreams are reliving a past thought and memory

    Wants and needs can drive the future

    Is it possible to live in the now?

    Is the now a reality? Interstellar! Agh….

    Writing in poetry can bring the now…

    The now is not the future… it’s a state …

    The patterns of going to the future

    Getting into a state – can be good because it feels good and the moments in the future can be recalled

    Meyer quote – you remember how people make you feel

    I can be sad in the moment and cry About it

    The future i can talk about the sadness but I don’t feel it the same way…

    Pain… we are blessed that pain doesn’t stick with us

    The moment is the breath between the past and the future

    All we have is a breath…

    My Future
    Billie Eilish
    I can’t seem to focus
    And you don’t seem to notice
    I’m not here
    I’m just a mirror
    You check your complexion
    To find your reflection’s all alone
    I had to go
    Can’t you hear me?
    I’m not comin’ home
    Do you understand?
    I’ve changed my plans
    ‘Cause I, I’m in love
    With my future
    Can’t wait to meet her
    And I, I’m in love
    But not with anybody else
    Just wanna get to know myself
    I know supposedly I’m lonely now (lonely now)
    Know I’m supposed to be unhappy
    Without someone (someone)
    But aren’t I someone? (Aren’t I someone? Yeah)
    I’d (I’d) like to be your answer (be your answer)
    ‘Cause you’re so handsome (You’re so handsome)
    But I know better
    Than to drive you home
    ‘Cause you’d invite me in
    And I’d be yours again

    Tricia La Bella

    Monday 14th December Wind…
    We had a couple of poems written this week, and drew upon Bob Dylan’s word around ‘The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind’. Here is our group creation, followed by the other poems and lyrics…

    the wind

    Thanks Peter for the poem about the wind

    So much that wind brings

    The senses the taste fo the wind, the smell the feel

    It brings so much in its silence

    It brings emotion it brings memories

    It reminds me of a time in a small plane

    Remember the turbulence

    We all remember one of those

    Bob Dylan’s words about the wind

    It helped me wonder… just like the wind

    Bob Dylan.. people not seeing.. just like the wind…

    Change is in the wind

    Change is constant

    The wind… it has power

    Renewable energy… it’s doing good things

    It has purpose…

    Nature – the wind is passin through… Thanks Kay

    When there is no wind – it is so still

    Playing tennis… it really affects my serve!

    Without wind you can’t sail…

    The wind can affect my game…

    The wind can be annoying…

    Riding into a head wind… I like to tack the wind…

    Fire and wind….

    Earth Wind and Fire…

    The elements ….

    I don’t like gusty windy days… it gives me asthma…

    With dust pollen

    Wind a friend or a foe…

    The fire storm feasted on the wind… thanks Peter for these words…

    Marilyn Monroe and the candle in the wind…

    The wind Marilyn’s signature…

    Is there such thing as horizontal rain?

    The wind if strong enough – it can be horizontal rain….

    Westerly come in horizontal…

    Sand storms too, damage by the wind

    Sand can get in anywhere…
    The wind seems to have a mind of its own…

    Para sailing and hang gliders… the wind is great… but what happens when the wind fails you

    The weather is something you have no control over.. the wind is part of the weather… and it can let us down…

    Wind – pressure….have you ever had wind…

    Bob Dylan, ‘Blowing in the wind’
    How many roads must a man walk down
    Before you call him a man?
    How many seas must a white dove sail
    Before she sleeps in the sand?
    Yes, ‘n’ how many times must the cannon balls fly
    Before they’re forever banned?
    The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
    The answer is blowin’ in the wind
    Yes, ‘n’ how many years can a mountain exist
    Before it is washed to the sea?
    Yes, ‘n’ how many years can some people exist
    Before they’re allowed to be free?
    Yes, ‘n’ how many times can a man turn his head
    And pretend that he just doesn’t see?
    The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
    The answer is blowin’ in the wind
    Yes, ‘n’ how many times must…

    Tricia’s poem…
    The wind of change…
    difficult to hear
    The swirl,
    Exposed to the unknown
    the fear…

    The stir in us… but
    I love stillness,
    I feel the build up
    To what…
    To life – the energy of reality

    Blown away
    To where
    To where I need to go
    To flow and dance
    With what is
    To the mystery of letting go

    Feel it, revel in it, let it take me to the outskirts
    The horizon of life
    breathe out, blow it out
    Like a candle in the wind…

    Tricia La Bella

    Soul connection 11th January 2021
    Thank you Peter, an amazing poem on soul connection: Here it is:

    The beauty of a soul connection

    They lay entwined, asleep.
    Warmth of their contentment deep
    Serenity, comfort, at peace
    Thoughts, emotions finding release.
    The love they are sharing
    Is beyond just simply caring.

    When alone each is insecure
    When together feelings come true.
    No jagged edges to be smoothed
    All doubts and fears are removed.
    Vulnerability, differences laid open
    Wounds, memories, trust spoken.

    Needs, wants, unfulfilled expectations
    No reason for explanations.
    Accepting words of self-loathing
    Deep down a mutual understanding.
    Tears, turmoil, survival
    Forgiveness that has no rival.

    Like water freezing in high winds grow
    Twisted together, threads just so
    Combining, unified in oneness
    Soul mates in natures’ closeness.
    So is the power of our connecting with another
    Enjoying the warmth and beauty of each other.

    Soul connection, a summary of the expression from the group on 11 January, 2021

    Thanks Kay, sharing your story of caring… true caring from the soul…

    Soul connection

    Peter your poem on soul connection is moving…

    What is the soul connection?
    You just merge into one…
    there is an understanding… deep understanding

    We often move from the vulnerability

    Yet as soul mates we just fit…

    There’s a trust… emotional sharing and giving
    No questions…

    Women having coffee together – the rapport of 2 individuals as one…

    Safety in giving and sharing…

    Soul connection – it’s an inner knowing – a pull

    It just there…

    This power of soul is bigger than the usual rules…

    Intuitive and inner knowing

    An ease with it…

    It’s a comfort – it’s not trying – it’s just there.

    No working at it…

    It’s not about being polite, you just want it and feel it..

    At peace…

    For some it’s hard.

    “I have trouble trusting and putting myself out there. There’s turmoil with walls around me… I put up a happy face, but that is not what I’m really feeling….”

    Can you find your soul mate… when you’ve been let down…

    My daughter is my soul mate…

    It’s wonderful to have that with someone…

    She is a beautiful soul…

    Because she attracts anybody, animals…

    What is that?

    Is that energy – an energy of acceptance…

    A depth of accepting of who you are, draws others in…

    They love humanity… and people and animals know.

    A oneness… a connection.

    Addicted to life….

    Drawn to something…

    What is the soul…

    The expression – I sold my soul to the devil…

    Given the self away for something in return…

    The soul – the spiritual or immaterial part of the person or animal considered to be immortal…

    The religious side… the soul goes back to the universe…

    Past lives… the soul returns…

    It’s great to have a purpose for living…

    Souls have a reason to be all they are in this life…

    The soul is important and cared for…

    The matrix – it’s about purpose

    Soulful, expressing soulful feelings…

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