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Tricia La Bella

Thanks Nigel and Peter for your poems…

firstly Nigel

What are habits?

habits we do
habits we wear
good habits
bad habits

things we do often
without thinking or pause
without feeling or cause

can we stop them?
what if we did?
the bad ones I mean…

if they harm us or others
can we admit?
can we let them go?

if we did
they would no longer be
a habit within me


And thanks Peter…

Settle down you lot,
Many of you I forgot.
We need to have a meeting,
As it’s clarity I’m seeking.

I’m aware of so many of you
And for that care, I thank you.
No questions of your intentions,
You release me from my tensions.

Some of you are in my core,
Or returning unwelcome from before.
Others are brand new,
Thankfully they are few.

So now is the time
When I draw a line,
Good habits line up on my right,
On my left bad habits don’t fight.

Born together, aware of others,
You are my inner brothers,
Deeply ingrained, colliding in my space,
It’s time to give you all a face.

I need to hear from each of you
Tell me your stories and be true,
I don’t want any disputes,
I only want your attributes.

From the moment I awake,
You both strive to partake
In my drive to survive,
Another day staying alive.

I’ve listened and accepted
Both sides seem to be connected,
Not the whole of who I can be,
Only a part of becoming me.

PJR 8.02.2021

And now for the session outcome… just wonderful.
A cow with OCD?

Good habits shape your life

There are some good and there are some bad

What’s a good habit and what’s bad

Habits change when you move from one place to another

Lots of habits to carry out the day….

Rituals for the day

Patterns for the day –

Habit or OCD

What is the difference

Is an OCD an overdeveloped habit

Uncontrolled habit is that an OCD

Unconscious habit

When habits become rituals it feels an OCD

Habits that get out of control can be a problem

Routine or habit

Tram – a routine

Catching the tram is the routine

Routine is more conscious – choosing it as part of your flow

Habit when its unconscious – don’t need to think about it

To make them conscious recognize them and give them a face…

Sometimes I’m not aware that i was doing it…

To notice means you can choose something differently

Before it becomes a habit

Habits are difficult to break

Some habits are comforting

Like twirling my hair

What is that…

It’s sensory… it feels good – it feels safe…

Habits that feel comforting

Familiarity… safety

Nuns wear a habit… why call it a habit…

A nun’s habit is a sign of poverty…. same outfit

Harmful habits

Smoking can harm us and others… and the environment

It may be something we’ve done for years, before we knew it was harmful…

As we become more aware…

Break the habit…

Can we?

Can we break the habit?

Is it laziness, is it awareness, is it belief,

People take more notice of Facebook post than a scientific piece…

global warming – waste management

It can be

Be firm with your habits…

If not they can

Habits are you servants…

They either work for you or against you

Are we becoming servants of our habits

Or our habits our servants…

How can we change habits of mind…

Those habits can be destructive…

Habit of negative thoughts

Can you change mental habits…

Train your self talk to change habits of talk…

Habits of mind can create things…

Animals are creatures of habit…

Cows will go to be milked the same time every day…

Cows know they have food waiting… they know how to survive…

Birds waken the same time

What drives that?

They sense the same time each day…

It’s not seasons… it’s a knowing

Habits as innate knowings…

How lovely – magpies visit same time each day… now they come for food, they are creating habits.

What do you feed the birds… seeds (thanks Lesly)

Our ability to change habits plays a role in our survival on the planet …