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Tricia La Bella

18th January 2021
the topic of listening… thank you Peter, another beautiful and meaningful poem…


To lose your mind and all you know
Listen to your senses let them flow
It’s to open up so you can grow
All around nature calls out to you
Sharing their voices of endless beauty
To lose your mind and all you know
Creates your inner voice
Let it be the music of your choice
It’s to open up so you can grow
Follow the sounds in your heart
For in that world you can start
To lose your mind and all you know
So that silence is greeted as a friend
Not feared or filled with imagined dread
It’s to open up so you can grow
Listen with your whole body
So you can connect with anybody
To lose your mind and all you know
It’s to open up so you can grow

Now for the expression from the whole group on the evening… WOW! just amazing how much richness is expressed.

We can listen in silence

Many people are afraid of silence
They don’t like to have the silence
They fill the spaces…

Silence in your own mind…
Don’t fear not having a thought…
We somehow feel comfortable to be busy… we wan to have a solution in our mind…

Sometimes we just want to empty our mind…

To be comfortable in silence

Why is it so hard?

Can we let thoughts flow through us…

Holding a scene in silence as an actor, is a sign of a good actor

Depth of silence – how powerful

Just sit and let it be

No clues in silence… Agh! we want clues –

Human want to know…

Writing while listening can capture the essence but do you? if you are writing while someone is speaking – can you really capture it?

Can you listen, really hear when you are distracted by doing other things like writing ?

When you listen you are paying attention ?

To listen is to listen with your heart

I’m sensing what is being said…

I can sense tone, expression, feel the intention,

It’s not what is said… it’s what is being felt, what do they mean?

Silence gives people the space to express… slowly –

That is kindness – giving people the time.

Sometimes I don’t say something because I don’t want to waste people’s time.

We can’t rush it!

people need to speak in their own time,

Don’t fill the gaps for people… don’t repeat the question, don’t jump in…

People just want the space…

I learn a lot through listening – because I wouldn’t otherwise know or have the opportunity to learn.

Sometimes it takes a while to get a message out,

The meaning of the message can be in the response it gets… how others receive it.

What you say brings things, you don’t even know are there.

Listening is delicate… the more in rapport, the closer you get to the edge of their meaning….

You can’t get it all in a small disclosure…

How often do we switch off and not got any part of the message….

Often we are in our minds – listening to that so we can’t listen to others…

Frontline… make fun of current affair with listening as nodding – now that’s listening – haha… I’m nodding now!

Listen with whole body…

With the eyes, the eyes tell you what state they are in when they listening

Look into the eyes… some people feel uncomfortable to do it…

When i talk i don’t look at people –

How do you listen to yourself? I look up…

The eyes are a give away…

The eyes are the gateway to the soul….

How you look into the eyes makes a difference

Eyes that flutter may mean something – Oh no! My eyes flutter….

The voice… a clue to what is being said…

Can you hear it? What do you hear…