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Tricia La Bella

Connection 26th October, 2020

We have connection! (from the hospital room!)

No internet… but we can still connect

Thanks Nigel… visiting with wifi.

It’s lovely to be able to connect with others

Being in hospital with no visitors, connecting on online is lovely

We need to connect

Connection means joining the dots…

And I didn’t –

Personal connections

Emotional connections

Good connections in relationships make a difference… friendships.

Internet connection is not great tonight

Connections are so important

So much happens in the connection

Safety, feeling appreciated, good for the soul,

It’s good for our health and wellbeing

We know someone is there for us and that feels good

Connection can be a realisation

The connection with yourself

When you meditate you can connect with yourself more

It can save you – discover something is not right

You can connect with your emotions

I connected with my anger – I got angry with myself- I got it out.

Reconnections and realisations

Sometime I feel a connection with others like a de Javi

Connections and nature

Facebook is meant to be about connections – and yet it doesn’t feel like connection

It’s a virtual world – it’s not real…

People are living in the virtual world taking up lots of the time of day…

It’s noise – a facade – it’s busy nonsense

Can we learn to connect on social media better?

The technology while it connects – has brought disconnection

It was nice to reconnect with dad after his passing

The roses were the connection to his death – a beautiful reminder

Connection With pets…

Dogs have a sense of connection – they know who to connect with and who you are

The dogs looked after the girls , she rounded up cows – she was beautiful

What is that connection?

It makes you feel good…

People go to Kays classes because they love the social connection

Social contagion – the natural spread of emotions – positive ones feel great

Covid separated us and the lack of connection caused lots of distress

Especially when there was no touching – cuddling grandchildren – we felt disconnected…

I like doing jigsaw puzzles because I like it when the pieces connect

So many connections with connections…