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Tricia La Bella

Thanks everyone for your contribution to the topic of FREEDOM

I’m free because I could have been locked up!

For having a voice…

Please don’t park in front of my house.

I got cross… freedom to express…

So what does freedom feel like..

You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

Freedom to do lots of things

Freedom of speech

Free to choose

Freedom to love

Freedom to express

Free to travel over the rainbow

Freedom at the end of the rainbow

What is the feeling of freedom

Not being hemmed in

Without restriction

When I get my knee done, I will have the freedom to move

To do as we want

Is freedom a privilege

Is it a right

We all have freedom but we don’t realize we have it

We are restrained without realizing

For me freedom is time for myself with myself

Just as I want it

As I’m free my day is longer

It is not duty or busy

It is passion so I can really be in it… freedom

Can you have freedom in the usual routine

Can you choose to do it differently

Freedom is when time is your own

Why do you think you have to do things that take away from your freedom

Letting the bird out of the cage… freedom
Free as a bird…
What is your cage?

Can we choose a little bit of freedom…

In some ways we are free, and some ways not

Independence… freedom

Ultimate freedom – for me to be able to get up and walk and do what I want and where I want to go…

Freedom to choose, within our cage…

What is your cage?

My house, my body, busyness, my own limitations, my fear, my habits, my overwhelm, my mind… fear of standing up and not letting go

Might need to open the cage a bit and face it, just a little step…

Breaking the cycle …

There is freedom within that..

What can I do… look for freedom somehow

I can’t go in the garden but I can smell the roses…

What do you want to be more free to do?

Free from house hold chores…

So I can have more time for me…

Sometimes it is not that easy…

Freedom is simply to choose

I have freedom

Create your freedom in what you are in

What drives it…

Deep want – the will –

What is the limitation – money, voice?

How do you create with the limitation…

Or do we walk away from the limitation…

Can we choose.

Can we?

Financial freedom – if only I had more money..

Freedom for me is feeling. It lies within me…

If freedom is the feeling…. does it need money?

What does feeling free feel like?

It is the breeze on your skin…
listening to the birds,
The simple things in life…
free to see, smell, hear, feel.

Free spirited…

It is our bodies, minds, spirits, hearts,

That’s where our freedom lies,

It’s our vehicle…

Poor Horacio, Truffles, Oliver, Augusta,

Are they free?

Dear pigs in the Rundle Mall, no longer free to roam…