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Tricia La Bella

This was another great topic. I love how we shape the final line to bring it all together. Lovely…

Sense of belonging

Where people know who you are

Do they know you

It is a sense a feeling of belonging
Sometimes we don’t feel like we belong


It is a connection

But even with connection I don’t always feel like I belong


What happens if you don’t fit

Whose responsibility is it?

I know when I feel like I belong

i was existing but not belonging

Belonging has helped me express

I feel so much better now I can express

Belonging isbeinnng able to be me

To just listen

And be part of it

And bounce off

Finding your tribe

Being there even if they don’t understand just being there

What’s the key to belonging

Building relationships

It takes time

When we belong we can achieve things

Belonging takes time

We need to belong as humans

If not we feel helpless and useless

Belonging is more than belonging in a group

It is true interest and caring

It is about expanding your world

To belong

It comes with vulnerability

It is effort and you’re doing it

It’s exposure

The only way is doing it

Overcoming vulnerability to build a sense of belonging

To overcome vulnerability



A supportive environment

Sometimes persistence

Can you disagree and still belong

Perhaps a different philosophy

Perhaps a different mission

Perhaps it doesn’t feel right

It may tell you that you don’t belong

It may not be right

What you feel matters

Being yourself matters

Being open and real matters

Being real matters

Not pretending – not a facade – being you

Body language tone tells you – gives you clues

Ask yourself – do I want to belong ?

What about belongings??

Things that belong to you

Importantly belong to yourself