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Tricia La Bella

It was lovely having the beautiful music to Memories in the background as we spoke about memories. Lots of interesting themes arrived from this session.
Bad memories
Floods and fires

What memories stand out?
Strong memories
I remember People came to help

Memories are strong

…I don’t remember!

I can go back to when I’m 3
Do you remember?

How do we remember?

Why do we remember?

A photograph helps me remember

when I see something it triggers a memory

I remember food

I have an emotional memory

I remember when there are emotions

How do I know where I put things?

It needs to have impact for me to remember

Memories of fashion – it’s hilarious

Memories are subjective

We all recall things differently

We might all remember it differently

One see it sad one sees it happy in the same moment

So what is real

I don’t remember when I was shut down

I don’t remember things when it was a difficult time

It’s good to get to deep memories to heal

Memories can be emotional healing to heal and move

i just went back. Into a memory right now

Memories… the song

songs trigger memories

Although I do remember the words – I feel good when I remember

Music brings me back

Let’s twist again has a memory – I had a broken arm and nearly knocked some out while dancing – a funny memory

Don’t try to remember too hard,relax and your subconscious can remember

Senses are involved with memories

Small and taste helps me remember

Conscious memory and subconscious memory

I love the smell of pancakes – it reminds me of my mother

Old movies connect e to my mum

We avoid bad memories – we keep them in our subconscious

We block bad memories because they make us sad

Do we?

Sometimes the bad memories go over And over

So shutting down is best

acceptance can lead to balance the memories

There are good memories too

Writing the bad memories

Use them as a gratitude and to learn from them

Different stages of the memory

Bad memory – moving from the feeling to the learning – then comes the gratitude

Every bad memory can bring something wonderful too

We can celebrate our memories when we transform them

Things that happen to us we can help others

We have experience that can help us to understand

learning from the memories can help lead to forgiveness

What you have been through can help you connect with others

How do we remember our 3 year old memories

I pick and choose my memories

The ones i like i make them stories – fiction

Mimi swatch – if you don’t want to remember, choose which you wish to share

Some reshape the memory and sometimes we share it as we want it to be

Is that delusion?


even through a photo that we all see, we see it differently

We all have a different memory attached

So best thing is to have a best moment

An old reunion – did this really happen when we were at school?

How does imagination fit in with memories?

Did I imagine it?

Dreaming can confuse reality

Do dreams create memories

Or are your dreams memories in disguise

Some dreams stay some go quickly

Often I can’t remember dreams

Da ja vu – I have a memory before it happens

where have you seen from

Is it a memory in the brain

Is a memory when it hasn’t happened yet

It feels like a memory yet it hasn’t happened

Past life memories

You feel or know you have met someone when you actually happened

Is that a memory or is that a past life

A memory of your past life or someone else’s life

In organ transplant you take on the memories of others

How does that happen

Organs feel the senses and are stored

Memories are stored in the cells

Muscles have memories

My muscles know when I haven’t walked for a while

My pain has a memory

A pain memory

It takes you back

Like child birthing

Rebirthing can take you back to the pain

Hypnosis takes you back to memories

You have to be willing to go to the memories

before we die, we see our life pass us by

The memories of the life flashes before us when we die

Memory is in between fact and imagination