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Tricia La Bella

Thanks to the group, this is just as it unfolded… looking back helps you realise how rich the conversation and formation of the expression

Giving is receiving
Palms up is giving
Palms down is grounding

Receiving is an experience
An experience is when the heart is open

Receiving is when you give when your heart is open

Intention to give

Receiving from the universe


When the intention is there, you can receive

With your heart

The energy comes back to you when you give positively

Energy is what you put out – the vibration

I’m embarrassed to receive – I ‘m used to giving

Receiving can feel uncomfortable because you may not be used it

Why is it so hard to receive?

Perhaps our culture – to give and not receive

When we accept that we have done well – do we believe that we are worthy
Often we don’t feel that we are worthy

Or perhaps we think there is a need to give back

It’s OK to receive

Perhaps it’s about sincerity

or is it that it doesn’t feel real or believable

Can you feel the difference between receiving with sincerity

How do I trust so I can receive

Can I receive graciously – let the person giving feel good about giving

So can I learn to receive graciously

So maybe that is a practice to accept and receive

How can I trust when I am suspicious?

So how can I let go a little and receive – perhaps the help I need

Even when we truly need help…

We may be pushing others away.

Can’t receive when you can’t let go of what is stopping you

Can’t because you want to have full control

The down side of not receiving graciously you can push people away

So it is a balance

So how can you receive a compliment graciously

Perhaps a thank you

Receive and accept and say thank you

Perhaps it tells you something about the other person feels about you

You learn about their perspectives on you

When you are open to receive – you are more likely to see more of what is available

is this about Karma –

Out of everything we receive – even the bad,

While at first they are received – they feel as pain

After time they are seen as lessons

The pain eventually heals – the lesson of forgiveness can unfold

When you trust people first – you can go through life open,

The conscious choice to trust – may bring pain – however there is much to gain.

Without trust – your world can close up

Trust is a short cut to life

When something good comes through the door, open the door

So let go and let it happen…
Open your heart to receive,

thank you