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Tricia La Bella

13th July

Why should it matter?
Whether you are or not.
So what is it?

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” -Maya Angelou

Is success about achieving something?

Success, it’s more an experience of success

I don’t like it when people say I’m successful

Sometimes that comment doesn’t feel kind or genuine

It’s an inner feeling

Success is not absolute

Society has its own sense of success

Society success is loud

There’s no pass or fail

Success is relative to where I’ve come from

Celebrate for your own sense of success

Success is progress


How lovely seeing progress – that’s to celebrate

Not about the best

Not comparing

You can’t compare with some-one else

Define what success is before you start the game!

Don’t play dirty to win, that’s not winning

Is that winning or bullying.

When is success not winning?

What does success feel like?

Success for me is going through the Heysen tunnel

I did it!

Success is overcoming fear, anxiety.

Success is living

Success is doing what you love – having fun

Winning a position,

It’s not about the position

That’s about accolades

It’s about did you make a difference?

It’s like making Money, and still feeling empty

We didn’t celebrate success when we were young,

because success was not valued.

Some Parents push their kids to be successful

So they feel successful

So they feel good

The parents can’t, so they want their kids to do it

What pressure

That’s awful

Success is feeling good about what you did.

If I win and others lose, how does that winning feel?

Success is knowing I’ve made a difference.

Progress rather than success.

There’s not an end

The journey is what’s important

We can’t measure the success by someone else’s success

Some want to win

But what does that mean?

There’s no such thing as success

Success – A judgement of feeling

A feeling

The stress of success

Is there another word other than success?

Success is growth

The small things

Success is influenced by those around you

Success to me is happiness,

it’s not about money or possessions, it’s about life and relationships.

Success is progress and fulfillment

No expectation