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Tricia La Bella

There’s no time for boredom

When you can’t be with yourself

Boredom is a lived experience

How does it feel

Having nothing to do?

Is that boredom

You can be bored to death

Disinterest is that boredom

Find the way to be interested

When you feel boredom do something crazy

Kids say they’re bored
They don’t like it

Bored or difficult

Express as bored

What does it feel like to be bored

Is it a state?

When there’s no interest?

What leads someone to say it’s boring…

When it feels dull
Non stimulating
Tone of voice – monotone

Not connected to it

What happens in your body when it’s boring

Shutting down
Shutting off

Low energy

I yawn

I like being bored
I can shut off

Boredom gives permission to shut off

When there’s disinterest
I go some where else

I let my imagination wonder

Into my own thoughts
I learnt to Entertain myself

If I’m bored I find something else to do

Sometimes you can sit in your body for a while until you realise and choose to move

Let boredom be
Let them be
Find their way free

Boredom is state

The weather keeps us in
Coronavirus keeps us in
Can bring boredom

Attention span

Sit in boredom to think of your own way to something

This is boring talking about boredom

A lull in activity

Boredom or silence

Need to fill the gap
Break the silence

Rather conversation

Boredom when your disappointed when plans don’t turn out

Boredom or disappointed

Boredom or meditative

Boredom or unable to find something

Are we losing our imagination – a form of intelligence

I play games that breaks the boredom

Boredom through the plains

Boredom motivator towards excitement and doing new things

The positive of boredom

Where do you go?

Go for a walk

Meditation choose to find space

Boredom may feel like it’s not your own choice – imposed

It has no meaning to me

No interest

Have to not want to

Can you do boredom

The boredom spectrum

How do you define boredom

Unpleasant leads to boredom

Too much of anything

How much of activity before

You can’t get bored painting walls – mediating / hallucinating

It’s ok to be bored

Boredom is lack of choice

Get away from boredom

It’s a yin and yang

Boredom happiness
Boredom desire
Boredom energy
Boredom over stimulation

Thanks Lesly for your joke to end – broke the boredom