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Tricia La Bella

Poetry 22nd June 2020


I can’t remember jokes

Why do we laugh when things aren’t funny?

A sick sense of humour?

Dressing up makes me laugh

So why do we laugh

Sometimes it’s better to laugh than to cry

I dressed up through cancer

My scar had a smiling face and it helped me laugh

Laughter helps me cope

Best thing is to laugh it off

Laughter is a relief

Sometimes it’s a nervous response

I’d rather laugh

It gives a release

It gives me time to think through things

To laugh is to relax

To release emotions

Even inappropriately sometimes

Sometimes it strikes me as funny when it’s not the time

It can lighten me

I’m comfotrtable at laughing at myself

What about if you’re not funny

I don’t laugh that much

Yoga laughter – is it real

Smokey and the Bandit made me laugh

Movies make me laugh

I like to laugh with someone

Laughter is contagious


Laughter is the best medicine

Laugh at
Laugh with
Laugh to

We can we laugh in a group to stimulate each other to release –

I don’t like that

Laughter is a release of sound

Natural laughter

Talk sex that makes me laugh

It’s Either sex or laughter

Laugh at what you don’t have

Laughter is triggered by humour

Laughter is therapy

Being more open brings me more joy

And Then I laugh more

Smile and your voice changes

Fake it til you make it

Can we laugh too much

Trust brings laughter

Nervous laughter

Just because you laugh doesn’t mean you’re ok

Laughter can mask other things

Can we see through to someone’s pain

That’s uncomfortable

There’s tone in laughter

Doesn’t ring true or add up – uncomfortable

You can feel it

Even darkness

Laughter can help put others at ease

If it’s not sincere it feels uncomfortable

Laughter for the sake of following others?


Robyn Williams a sad person who can make people laugh

You can tell your story through comedy

Even a dark story

Humour a bandaid

I wish I was funny

When you don’t try – that’s funny

Sometimes trying to be funny is not funny

That’s funny

Exaggeration makes it funny



Art – it’s an art

Funny at someone’s expense – is that funny?

I laugh when someone doesn’t think they’re funny

Gloias funnier than Tricia

Or when there’s an accident

Like walking into a lamp post

The cackle laugh

That’s funny

Is it politically correct to laugh in situations?

You could really be misunderstood with laughter…