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Tricia La Bella

June 8, 2020 Dreams (expressed by the group)

What do dreams mean?

What are they about?

What is a dream state?
Like pethidine

You are floating
Everyone is in the distance

It takes me back
They just can’t you see

Others can’t see me
And yet I feel it’s real

A dream – while you sleep

I dream to aspire

A dream like state

A daydream

It was as if she had been lifted and transported to a green and leafy walkway, where the only sound was water tricking in the rice fields and the occasional birdcall.

Take me away
To lose focus

Take me away

Let me wonder in my mind

I felt sad. Let the dream take me to happiness.

The dream is in a bubble.

A mind bubble.

A meditation.

A mindless state.

Wandering in your mind

Dream about the future is wondering

My dreams

Every night

I have 3 each night

What are they about?
Why do I dream of you?

The witch doctor helps sort out dreams.

There’s no control in my dreams!

Even if I want to, I can’t make things happen.

I can’t remember my dreams

Some dreams I don’t want to remember

My dream in this life
Is to touch 10,000 lives

I did this morning touch someone – she made banana fritters and her family loved them.

I dream for a world of kindness.
A better world.

You’re living the dream…

A way of living.

Bringing joy to people.

I enjoy the joy I see.

That’s my sisters name you know – Joy!

Now give me some pethidine…

When you’re in your dream you have no control

You’re somewhere else

You ponder

You sit in your garden

And remember something nice from the past and let your mind go there

Do you consciously daydream?

I’m in my own state.

I feel a pull that leads me to a trance, a freeze, a relief.

Through the lens
It’s like a dream
Deep into the succulent
A personal message arrives

Soaked in immersion

Photography leads me in…

Dare to dream

Dream big

Keep dreaming

Live the dream

I dreamed a dream