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Tricia La Bella

Monday 1st June 2020 Fear

Not getting it right
What will they think?
My fear
Dying with a song unsung

I say no
It takes me a while
I go round and round
I eventually settle

My fear from needing to be perfect

Impact of needing to be perfect as a child

Damn fears I know why

What if we don’t have labels

Unlabel how powerful that way

through just expressing just as it is for us

in this moment that was captured

Chillies and all

Be yourself and be free
Wait til your father gets home

Warning of danger


I can not control it

Of not being fulfilled

What do I do

I let it be
It is a part of life

Feel it

There’s beyond fear

Fear of boredom

I need to keep moving

Fear of being in the same spot
Fear of not being all of who I am

Fear of not living

Fear of losing you

Are you there Claudine?

I fear being successful

What will it being if I succeed

The unknown

Fear of unsustainable

No chilies now what

Every thing is out of my control

In fear – we add to the story

Is fear the same as afraid

Is fear the same as worry

Fear of letting people down

We live with fear
Because we fear losing it

When I stopped worrying about losing

I trusted…

I just do what I do

Every time I build something

it crumbles…

So many variables out of our control

There’s a lot of strain in controlling

NZ free of covid19

Then comes an earthquake

So what fear do I fear?

I fear for our world
For my kids

My kids kids

What will be there for them ?

The world is changing

I care for my family
I care for the animals
I care for our environment

How are they going to live?

I fear for what is ahead for them

What is the world going to be ?

Can our fear drive us ?

Let fear help us be active

Transform the fear and emotions to move and create

Feel the fear

The back of my neck

I hold fear in my body

What do i want?

I feel heat in my body

My fear comes with anger

My emotions come together

My fear has a character

It keeps things light

It gives me a way to calm

Fear takes my breath away

I might give it a name

Don’t let fear define me

My fears hang around but I don’t beat myself up for about it

Go for it – to overcome the fear

We have nothing to fear but fear itself