Reply To: Poetry Expression on line zoom

Tricia La Bella

Letting go.

Fear is unfrozen fun
If you don’t let go you can’t have fun
Let go of the past
Fear about the future
Out side your comfort zone
Process the past
Step into the new day
Being in the moment
What is letting go
I don’t know
Being brave to move forward
To something
Find the way
The way to let go
If We can’t forgive ourselves
We Hold on to relive events.
How do you forgive
Opening new doors
Uncertainty of what is ahead
Letting go
Know your self
Have fun
Dress up because I can

Waking up
Inner child
Where is it
Feel it
Bring back the music

What is letting

Why we do worry future
Always planning

I have little control over anything

I have no fear of dying
I am willing to adjust to anything

Going with the flow
I went from zero to hero
Plan not to plan

Holding onto clutter
Accepting things you can’t change
And affecting things you can
Be the best in every moment

Is this wisdom
Just be
what you can be

My mantra let go
Teacher please help me see

We need support
Coaches or your best friend
Perhaps a stranger
Just a conversation
I love my grand father

I am conscious now I can let go

Am I clinging
Why am I holding on ?

Ask the question
Is this paying the rent?
So let it go

In gratitude
I can let go of the bad

I need to do this myself
Such a hard learn

Wasn’t it you?
I now realise it can only be me

Let go I can
And Allow other things in

If the wall is up
I can’t be open

There’s power in this letting

I think it would be good trust