Reply To: Poetry Expression on line zoom

Tricia La Bella

Commentary of the mind
Over thinking
Over analyzing
Busy mind
It has to be done
Lists of lists
Let me clear it
Write it down
Organized chaos
Somehow it works

Create busyness in my own mind
Can’t sleep
Full moon it must be you
Restless with the full moon
Is it the moon
Letting go what do I need to let go
Empty my mind
Scattered thoughts
Planning planning planning
All chambers in my brain
Are full
Take me away
Me and my camera
What was I thinking I can’t remember
Obviously not important
How do I manage chaos
How do I keep them
Feel what is important
Deal with it as it feels
I can’t process it!
Don’t force
Play music
Mind only working on what is in front of me right now
Don’t try and clear it
Let it happen
One thing at a time
In the moment
Right here and now
So much to do
But please be with me
Not what is next
Calm it down
I need my lists – do I
Juggling time
All happening at once
It all exists at once
I need to hold on to it all
There’s so much
I’ll look at it tomorrow
It got done
Get in your body and do one thing a day
What do I feel like today
Every now and again
Do what you need
What would happen if…
I let go of my list
And trust that I will get it done – in the time it is arrives
Know yourself
I’m exhausted
Right now really