Blink When we received the word 'blink' for our expression and poetry for the week, we had little idea where it would head. Surprisingly it brought out much creativity in the way [...]


Isolation The word 'isolation' conjured up something different for all of us... It's wonderful that we all ventured into different territory, to express some deep feelings around where the word led us. [...]


Tonight's word 'roots' that was inspired from last week's word 'grapevine' conjured a range of thoughts and feelings. It was lovely to have new people attend (hi Chrissy and Pamela) and wonderful to [...]


Grapevine This topic lead us in many directions. For Lesly, it brought back memories around working in the vineyards in the Coonawarra... And the stories that happened during that time. Her poem [...]


98... What does that conjure? How great where the number 98 brought us all... We spoke about a 98 year old. At 98 how nice to be open and seek a friend. Men don’t often [...]

Worthy… of expression

Worthy We shared our thoughts and feelings around the word 'worthy'... Beautiful open expression with some common themes... Thank you everyone for your contribution to this collage summary, and the individual poems written [...]


We started this week's poetry, with a question: Are you comfortable? Here's the chat that followed, and below are 3 poems that lead us into a wonderful ripple of perspectives... On this cold night, [...]

Is it a matter of fate?

Fate - our groups expression of fate...  Our destiny our fate, tonight trouble with technology, what is that? Was it our fate? Some things are best not to think about. Just accept...  Fate. Can you gamble [...]

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